Common Questions

  1. Will you add music controls? We are working on adding music support.
  2. Will you add password protection? Echo works with your default security. You can set a pin or pattern to your native lockscreen and your security screen will show when you unlock Echo. 
  3. How do I categorize notifications? Long swipe to the right until the background color changes. You can then choose any notification category. 
  4. Why doesn’t Echo work for my phone? Echo works for 4.3 and above. 
  5. Can Echo use live wallpapers? Echo supports setting any image on your phone to the background. We currently do not support live wallpapers. 

Other questions or feedback? Email us at

If you are sending a bug report, please include your phone and OS, and details on how we can reproduce the bug. 


Simplify your notifications

We’re the developers of Echo, and built a lockscreen that makes your notifications better. We were featured on App Appreciation when we first launched (thanks Reddit!) in June, and wanted to followup to get your thoughts on the updated app. 

We built Echo because we felt notifications were more interruptive than helpful. Notifications are about developer, rather than users, with apps deciding when you should receive an interruption.

Echo takes a different approach and automatically sorts and prioritizes your notifications. We only wake your screen on priority notifications, and sort your alerts into easy to sort categories including work and social so your tweets and work emails aren’t jumbled together. 

This is my notification center:image

This is Echo:


How to use Echo

  1. Return mom’s call – Received a missed call at work? Bounce back the notification when you get home.
  2. Organized messages – Categorize your notifications and quickly find your work emails.
  3. Quick glance – Echo wakes your screen and highlights new notifications
  4. Avoid interruptions - Echo only wakes on priority. Categorize notifications and choose which apps can send you alerts.

Google L adds notifications to your lock screen. Echo goes a step further and helps you avoid notification overload by simplifying and organizing your messages. 

If you run into the issue of notification overload, we’d love to get your thoughts on Echo. Try Echo,, and let us know us how we can make it even better.